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If you’re thinking about selling your home, there are some things to consider first.  This page will guide you through the process including pre-sale considerations, what to expect during the sale, and questions you should be asking your agent along the way.  Let’s get started.

Know What to Expect

The home selling process can be filled with land mines and disasters along the way.  From disclosure, to inspections, negotiations and more it takes a lot of experience and knowledge to keep the surprises from popping up (or handling them if they do).  Download our free seller’s guide to get up to speed on all the latest developments in this sometimes confusing process.  Check our library of seller information to find out more about how to best prepare your home for sale, tax considerations, common seller pitfalls, and other useful articles to get you ready to sell.

Understand the Current Market

Next check our market reports to see where home prices are trending.  If you’re thinking of selling a few months down the road, then sign up for weekly market reports and so you can monitor the trend of the market in your area.

Evaluate Your Home Objectively

So now you know the market, but you need to know what your home is worth.  Request a free home valuation here. There is no obligation and no cost to you to get this valuation.  Then you’ll want to know what you’ll net after paying all closing costs and paying off that mortgage before you decide if it’s time to sell.  Try using our net sheet calculator and other tools.

See Great Marketing in Action

Want to see how your home should be marketed to get the most exposure to potential buyers?  Download our guide to marketing your home and see how a comprehensive marketing plan can help sell your home in less time for more money.

Make it Happen

If you’re ready to get more serious, call us to set an appointment to evaluate your home, review your customized marketing plan, and get prepared for selling your home.  There is no obligation or cost to sit down and talk about selling your home.

If You're Not Ready Yet...

If you’re not ready yet, sign up for weekly market reports, listings by email, and our monthly newsletter or online updates in order to be educated and informed when you are ready to finally put your home on the market.